Jay Werth


I announced my presence in the nonprofit industry as an on-air radio talent and assistant manager of a sectarian college-owned radio station in the upper Midwest. The station’s cornerstone fundraising event was a three-day-on-air marathon broadcast.

My career in for-profit radio allowed me to continue my nonprofit involvement. I served on boards including a children’s hospital foundation, children’s home, and church. Radio stations I managed hosted the annual St. Jude’s Hospital on-air fundraising campaign and sponsored and promoted several galas and events for organizations.

Today, public media and faith-based ministries receive my financial support. Professionally, I enjoy ALL the projects I am privileged to participate in via Convergent. Funds raised strengthen communities, from municipalities to human services. My activity in the sector bolsters a belief that generosity is alive and well across our great land.


Jay demonstrates expertise in communications, campaign positioning, and execution. During his more than a decade of nonprofit fundraising, he has directed campaigns while on-site totaling more than $21 million in investor dollars. His campaign clients included economic development partnerships, Chambers of Commerce, and healthcare organizations.

One of Jay’s key strengths is his ability to develop trusted advisor relationships with the clients he oversees and the Convergent team. Jay uses his people skills and extensive mentoring background to provide guidance and developmental support to our project directors. His breadth of fundraising and capital campaign process, and his operation expertise from a robust media management career, provides immeasurable value to the Convergent team and clients.

Summary of Experience

  • Recently conducted campaigns for a new economic development organization (THRIVE) serving two rural Wisconsin counties, a healthcare organization and arts & culture nonprofit in Washington.
  • Directed facility capital campaigns in Van Wert, OH, and Evansville, WI.
  • Managed economic development campaigns in North Carolina, Tacoma (over goal) and the Northwest Florida Panhandle.
  • Directed Chamber of Commerce campaigns in Austin and Houston, TX, Greenville, SC, and Jackson, TN.
  • Former General Manager of nationally recognized and awarded radio stations with budgets ranging from $5 to $30 million.
  • Children’s Home (Sacramento) and Children’s Hospital (Tulsa) Board member.
  • Church Board Chair during successful capital campaign for a new facility.
  • Master’s in Management from New England College with a nonprofit organization emphasis.