Katie Davenport

Project Director

Katie’s experience in nonprofit work in the past 10 years includes a primary focus on organizational growth and development, innovation, and fundraising. Katie has a diverse background, ranging from a medical/scientific post-secondary education, a career as an educator, and as an Executive Director of a educational nonprofit, developed from a public/private economic development county organization’s strategic plan.

With her diverse background, and capacity to adapt and modify in an ever changing landscape, Katie has been successful in transforming nonprofit organizations through her ability to “see the big picture” and cross-connect whole-community needs. 

Recognizing the importance of an ROI to businesses/industries, Katie directed a successful $4.5 million capital campaign, propelling the nonprofit to implement an integral program that provided corporate investors with the desired ROI and launching the next phase of the nonprofit’s strategic plan this year. She oversaw all aspects of this campaign including building credibility, recognizing and implementing the need for additional staff, developing the necessary nonprofit skills of her new staff, and creating a system to track and report outcomes for the donors/investors.

Katie also served on the Board of Directors of the Humane Society of Greenwood during its capital campaign, which lead to a new facility and a program overhaul. As a former client of Convergent, as an ED and a Board Member, Katie has seen firsthand how transformative an organized capital campaign can be not just for an organization, but for an entire community.

Summary of Experience

  • Served as Executive Director for an education/economic development based nonprofit in South Carolina for several years.
  • As the sole employee for the majority of her tenure, she successfully balanced the multifaceted roles & responsibilities of the nonprofit.
  • Successfully transformed the nonprofit into a full-circle educational initiative that encompassed secondary, post-secondary, and job placement.
  • Master’s of Education in Administrative Supervision and Leadership from Grand Canyon University.
  • Master’s of Education in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment from Walden University.
  • Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, Minor in Pre-Veterinary Medicine from Clemson University.