Pam Reid

Senior Project Director

After military service and 20 years in the financial services industry, I was “plucked” from the world of for-profit and placed gracefully in the role of Owner and CEO of my own nonprofit.  The foundation I created was designed to help other nonprofits with the resources they needed to grow and sustain their mission.  In the early years of my relocation from New York to Georgia, I would often wonder why my life journey would take me from an incredibly successful career in corporate America–where there was an insane amount of money for pretty much anything–to having to ask for money and other resources just to provide necessary items for those most in need.

After more than 10 years in the nonprofit world, I have not only served and worked with some of the hardest working, most passionate people I have ever had the privilege of knowing, I have fallen in love with every aspect of nonprofit management … absolutely all of it.

In a commencement speech at Spelman College, Oprah Winfrey shared this with the graduating students: “Service and the significance you bring to your service is that which is lasting.” Oprah elaborated by explaining that the work we choose to do in our careers and in our professions is in fact “service”.  I know that people don’t often see how bringing significance to their work can positively, and sometimes even permanently, impact another.  The nonprofits I serve and work with have a complete understanding of the significance they bring to their communities, as well as the people who benefit from their services.  I don’t see how I can love and support them without bringing the greatest level of significance to mine.


During her career at one of the country’s most prestigious financial services firms, Pam led and managed the largest client service organization in New York, New Jersey, and Boston, and was deemed a subject-matter expert in business strategy, client satisfaction, human resources, and professional development. A high degree of business acumen and expertise in managing multi-million-dollar budgets made Pam’s transition from corporate executive to CEO of a local nonprofit seamless. It was this move that opened her eyes to the financial needs of the nonprofit industry.

Pam has served a variety of nonprofit organizations over the years that have a primary focus on homelessness, domestic violence, low-income populations, youth, seniors, veterans, and animal welfare.  She continues to be inspired by the community leaders, stakeholders, and business owners who advocate and support the organizations that provide a safety net for their communities.

Pam has a natural talent for assessing the strengths and inefficiencies within an organization, and she consistently demonstrates her ability to elevate the engagement and productivity levels of the staff and volunteers who are on the front line. Pam has engaged with and cultivated strong relationships with C-level executives, as well as private investors and donors, throughout her entire career. She is skilled at casting the mission and vision of an organization and motivating donors who have the means to invest in transformative change in their communities.

Summary of Experience

  • 20 years in management in the financial services industry.
  • More than 10 years nonprofit management and fundraising experience.
  • Founder and CEO of Times Well Spent,
    nonprofit that provided financial resources to other nonprofits. Increased organization’s operating budget by more than 50%.
  • Success in securing six-figure funding.
  • Created impactful leadership, literacy, and youth-serving programs that are
    still active today.
  • Graduate of Leadership Fayette.
  • Volunteer Service includes Fayette Chamber of Commerce, YMCA, Bloom Our Youth, AVPRIDE, Real Life Center, Clothes Less Traveled, Rotary International, Habitat for Humanity, political campaigns, local school system and church.
  • Two-time best-selling author.
  • Business Consultant, coach, and professional speaker.
Pam Reid was fantastic! I can’t say enough about her professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to detail. I loved working with her and the prospectus she created from our collaboration was excellent.
Cheryl Fisher, Executive Director
Brauntex Theater, TX