Richard Trickel

Senior Project Director

I’ve staked my adult career path on nonprofit organizations, so I deeply and clearly believe in the high value they bring to our communities. Whether they’re seeking to provide rescue and positive placements for animals, address crucial social needs, or bolster a community’s economic strength, I see nonprofits assisting every sector of our society.

I’ve personally benefited from nonprofits as well. Early on, I purchased my first home through a neighborhood nonprofit, an amazing collaboration connecting first-time homebuyers with mortgage advice, rehab grants, etc. I’ve now spent the bulk of my adult life serving within nonprofits (mostly in the crisis and human services sectors), so I understand their unique funding needs and, given the right strategies, their powerful fundraising capabilities. Knowing firsthand the ins and outs of maximizing an organization’s strengths, I’ve successfully organized capital and operational fundraising, donor relationship-building, and events.

While serving within an organization that needed a significant capital campaign, I became acquainted with—and was soundly impressed by—Convergent’s outstanding campaign process and people. When I was presented with the opportunity to actually join the team, I was thrilled!


Rich’s experience in nonprofit work in the past 25 years includes a primary focus on organizational growth and development, innovation, analytical processes, and fundraising. Working exclusively for privately funded nonprofits, Rich has been responsible for raising millions of dollars on an annual basis. His fund development work includes cultivation of individual investors, foundations, and corporate donors.

With his extensive background in nonprofit leadership, Rich understands the importance of thinking both strategically and creatively. He is enthusiastic about sharing the responsibility of helping community leaders develop the systems and relationships they need to support both their organization and their community.

Generating support from businesses, foundations, individuals, and government organizations is a skill that Rich honed during his tenure as CEO of a nationally-recognized nonprofit serving the homeless. Rich directed a successful $6 million capital campaign and managed annual campaigns raising $5 million a year. He oversaw all aspects of these campaigns including building credibility, developing the fundraising skills of his staff, and communicating the organization’s outcomes to investors. As a former client of Convergent, Rich has seen firsthand how solidifying these elements of Asking Rights can lead to campaign success.

Summary of Responsibilities

  • Served as CEO of a large nonprofit in the Midwest, overseeing a capital campaign and several annual campaigns.
  • Responsible for directing several major donor and mid-level donor fundraising programs.
  • Founder and CEO of a successful direct marketing firm, serving dozens of nonprofit organizations throughout the US and raising millions of dollars.
  • Successfully launched and grew a communications department to include website development, direct mail, social media, online advertising, radio, public relations, and event promotions.
  • Master’s of Administrative Leadership in Adult Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
I thought Rich did a great job. His communication was very thorough. I give him high marks overall.
Lee Crume, CEO
Northern Kentucky Tri-ED, KY