Susan Petersen

Business Continuity Manager

Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed to be able to follow my passion. Giving back to the community was a natural evolving “thing” for me as I grew up, particularly in the arts. Then, as often happens with raising children, I became a volunteer…and then a leader of many of the PTA organizations and programs in their public schools as well as at the state level. To this day, working for the betterment of children is a passion that runs deep within me.

While customer service is another natural inclination for me and has been with me in every job I’ve held, the ability to find a company that operates on the concept of measurable analysis, strategy, and outcomes is appealing to my background in the financial and legal sectors. I bring the power of service with the ability to execute to Convergent and in turn to clients who share the committed drive and purpose to bring vision to fruition. It is an honor to work in a movement that is vitally important to our community and culture.


Susan brings a host of administration, marketing, and operational experience to her role. She is a valuable internal resource for our sales and operations teams, supporting and facilitating new client acquisition, hiring, onboarding and training, increasing management productivity, and providing overall support to the implementation of our various growth initiatives.

Susan excels at attention to detail and multitasking, is highly organized, and has strong interpersonal skills, making her the perfect fit to ensure that nothing drops through the cracks, and our teams can provide the high caliber of service our clients have come to expect.