Asking Rights™ Quiz

  • The following self-assessment quiz is based on the concepts presented in the book Asking Rights, written by Convergent Principal Tom Ralser. It contains a streamlined set of questions designed to determine if your organization has the foundation in place to successfully ask for large, meaningful dollars. The questions are based on the three primary ingredients of Asking Rights: Credibility, Fundraising Skills, and Outcomes.

    Take this two minute quiz to determine where your organization is on the path to financial sustainability.


    This portion of the quiz focuses on determining your organizations credibility, the quality or power of inspiring belief. Credibility is a critical fundraising advantage because it gets you in the door.
  • Fundraising Skills:

    This portion of the quiz focuses on determining your organization's fundraising skills, the ability to use one’s knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance. Fundraising Skills is a critical fundraising advantage because it closes the deal.
  • Outcomes:

    This portion of the quiz focuses on determining your organization's outcomes, the impact you have on your primary customers' lives. Outcomes is a critical fundraising advantage because it justifies the amount of the ask.
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Investment Driven Model™

Since 1994, our consultants have been helping nonprofits:

  • Become financially sustainable
  • Find new sources of revenue
  • Fund new initiatives
  • Become more accountable
  • Test new initiatives for support
  • Recruit new leadership
  • Deliver meaningful outcomes
  • Become important community assets

All of these characteristics flow from having a funding model in place that resonates with today‘s nonprofit investor. For years, we have been directing dollars to nonprofits through our Investment Driven Model, which focuses on the process of raising money by focusing on the delivery of outcomes that investor’s value.

Whether you’re looking to start a fundraising campaign or build a foundation for future funding, Convergent’s Investment Driven Model can help.

Asking Rights: Why Some Nonprofits Get Funded (And Some Don’t)

By Tom Ralser
book-feature2What are Asking Rights? They are the ability to deliver outcomes that are valuable to investors. This book distills the experience of hundreds of funding campaigns into easily digestible bites, including the ingredients for Asking Rights (Credibility, Fundraising Skills, and Outcomes), and the recipe for combining them into a successful funding effort.