5 Factors to Strengthen Your Fundraising Feasibility Study

A road sign pointing to a Fundraising Feasibility Study

Fundraising feasibility studies are the foundation for a successful capital campaign. So, starting a fundraising campaign without one is akin to starting a road trip without a map – it will be challenging to reach the desired destination. Convergent Nonprofit Solutions has a proven process for conducting feasibility studies. Our approach has fueled the structure […]

Webinar: Annual Campaigns with Harness Giving

Paper dolls holding hands over a stack of nonprofit fundraising contributions

Convergent’s Senior Director of Client Services, Rex Otey, recently joined our strategic partner Harness Giving for a webinar to discuss success in Annual Campaigns. You can view the webinar below.

Raise More Money Using Storytelling & Dynamic Communication

Tom Ahern, a renowned nonprofit copywriting expert, joined Convergent Principal Jay Werth on a recent podcast episode to discuss ways nonprofit and economic development leaders can deepen donor relationships and cultivate investors by shifting their copywriting tone and messaging. “Nonprofit leaders often miss that their customer is their donor/investor, not just the people they are […]

Survey Says: GrowthZone’s 2023 Annual Chamber Survey

Picture of someone filling out a survey

  GrowthZone, a leading Chamber CRM solution, just released their 2023 Chamber survey results, we found the trends to be very interesting, particularly through the lens of fundraising.  You can review the details for yourself at GrowthZone.   The surveyed Chamber leaders’ top 3 concerns were: #1 Member Engagement & Retention, #2 Growing Membership, and […]

The Role of Education in Talent Attraction

Picture of a large, empty university classroom

“Education is now the #1 economic priority,” according to Don Gilman, CEO of Ignite College and Career Academy in Georgia. In the past, most economic development organizations focused their efforts on creating jobs and capital investment. Today, the pandemic’s “Great Resignation” coupled with the high level of Baby Boomers retiring has businesses struggling to fill […]

Turning Data into Dollars

Woman smiling with a projected data overlay

A data-driven approach to major gift fundraising and capital campaigns can help you set the bar high, but at an appropriate level, and assure that your funding effort will have the best possible chance for success. I’ll share two examples I’ve recently encountered: Organization A received an abnormally large investment from a first-time donor via […]