Stronger Together: How Community Partnerships Can Increase Funding

Community Partnerships Improve Funding

Community impact is the driving force in so many capital campaigns for nonprofits, chambers, and economic development organizations today. Joining forces with like-minded organizations to increase the impact makes perfect sense, but it’s surprising how few organizations actually follow through with community partnerships. This collaboration can help build leadership and creatively tackle complex issues such […]

Economic Development Focus: Investing in the Long Game

Economic Development Focus Long Term

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on communities around the world. From the one-person business to the largest corporation, from the smallest hamlet to the federal government, we are all working on bringing back economic prosperity while keeping people healthy and safe. Towns, cities, and counties want their local economy back on track and are partnering […]

A Story of Cookies and Nonprofit Mission Creep

Girl Scout Cookies and Nonprofit Fundraising For some individuals, January brings resolutions to start doing something good for themselves or to stop doing something bad. For organizations including nonprofits, it may mean a new strategic plan or an updated program of work. If you live in the Greater Atlanta area as I do, January brings […]

Building Donor Relationships

Convergent Note: The following article was recently published online by Forbes Nonprofit Council and written by Senior Project Director Carlotta Ungaro. That other nonprofit bank account When an individual or business makes that investment in your nonprofit, the funds go into the bank account. But what about their deposit into the nonprofit’s other bank account? In […]

The Right Stuff: Lessons in Fundraising for 2019

The Right Stuff Fundraising Lessons

Lessons in Fundraising for Nonprofits for 2019 A few weeks ago, during the  50th anniversary of the moon landing, my husband and I watched “The Right Stuff.” The 1983 movie based on Tom Wolfe’s novel of the same name tells the story of the U.S. space program before the moon landing. Who knew a movie […]

4 Essential Steps to Planning a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Take Time to Plan

The New York Times recently had an article on precrastination, which is defined as “the tendency to tackle sub goals at the earliest opportunity — even at the expense of extra effort,” or the opposite of procrastination. It’s so satisfying to move forward and check items off your to-do list to get that immediate payoff. […]