A Fundraising Lesson from Wall Street

Fundraising and Wall Street

I received a brochure in the mail recently about a company offering alternative investments. I get a lot of these, probably because my Chartered Financial Analyst designation puts me on the mailing list of many investment houses, hedge funds, asset managers, etc. This one caught my eye because of its direct approach: “What’s the path […]

Who Would Win? Emotional vs. Rational Fundraising Appeals

Girl making a thinking face surrounded by question marks

The comparison of emotional and rational fundraising appeals is a seemingly constant tug of war in the nonprofit sector. My young son recently introduced me to the children’s book series Who Would Win? by Jerry Pallotta. These books pit creatures from all over the world against each other in a physical battle, teaching valuable lessons […]

The Importance of Outcomes in Today’s Fundraising

Outcomes-Based Fundraising

As we watch the national economy–and each of our own communities–grapple with the pandemic, nonprofits cannot lose sight of the element most crucial to their sustainability and even survival: Investable OutcomesTM. In our recent Emerge Ready: Fundraising During and After COVID-19 webinar, we shared the results of a survey of nonprofit leaders. Our research showed […]

Giving Monday, Giving Tuesday, Giving Wednesday…

Can one day impact your nonprofit’s drive for sustainability? A lot is being said right now about Giving Tuesday. I don’t disagree with the strategy behind this much-publicized day of giving and think it’s a very useful tool in the fundraising toolkit for many smaller nonprofits. Make a game plan, get small donations, and they […]

5 Classic Fundraising Misconceptions

Fundraising Campaign Reality Check

5 Fundraising Misconceptions and How to Address Them Adapted from ROI for Nonprofits: The New Key to Sustainability The original title of this section was “Five Classic Fundraising Campaign Myths,” but that implied that these misconceptions had a strong probability of being false. The fact is, they are not false, just no longer appropriate when ROI […]

ROI and Grant Proposals

ROI and grant proposals

ROI and Grant Proposals Tips for Nonprofits Grant proposals typically involve some type of ROI proof, but I often find that nonprofit executives struggle with this step in the grant-writing process. Determining ROI does not always come naturally, though the term itself is overused. Everyone from hotel chains to health insurance is proving ROI these […]