The Downside of the 90/10 Rule in Fundraising

If you’re afraid to look at your 401(k) balances lately, join the club.  The stock market has been in a rut (officially called a trading range) for many months now, and your balance is likely to be significantly lower than it was two short years ago.  Rising interest rates have been blamed for everything from […]

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Nonprofit Resource Development Services

Representation of Resource Development Services filling a staffing gap

Nonprofit resource development requires significant investments of time and energy from a nonprofit’s staff. As a result, even organizations with large teams may find it challenging to assess and restructure their fundraising infrastructure to maximize their ability to capitalize on existing opportunities and keep pace with changing funder dynamics.  The capital campaign consultants at Convergent […]

Year ‘Round Lessons from a Year-End Appeal

Graphic representing the jump from 2022 to 2023

In the “Tom’s Takeaways” section of our December newsletter, we shared an end-of-year appeal from one of our clients that really hit a home run. I hope you found the suggestions to be valuable. Now, as we settle into 2023, there’s an important question to ask – How well will you position your outcomes in […]

Inflation is Impacting Charitable Giving–How to Grow Your Nonprofit Anyway

A group of nonprofit constituants fundraising during inflation

Inflation is impacting charitable giving as people spend more money on necessities like food and gas. Still, Americans have $13 trillion in savings, according to Giving USA–a number that rose during the pandemic.  So, is it inflation that decreases charitable giving or fear?  Most likely, it’s a combination of both. We find that when fear, […]

Recession Fears Shouldn’t Stop Fundraising

Recession Fears

It’s hard not to let concerns of an impending recession creep into one’s thoughts. You avoid looking at your 401 (k) because it’s depressing. You consider taking out a loan just to fill up your SUV’s gas tank. You find yourself talking about the good old days when mortgage rates were 3 percent. More times […]

A Fundraising Lesson from Wall Street

Nonprofit Fundraising and Wall Street Scrolling Finance Banner

I received a brochure in the mail recently about a company offering alternative investments. I get a lot of these, probably because my Chartered Financial Analyst designation puts me on the mailing list of many investment houses, hedge funds, asset managers, etc. This one caught my eye because of its direct approach: “What’s the path […]