Mick Fleming Shares, “Not done yet.”

Funding Insights Blog: Mick Fleming. Not Done Yet.
Just when you thought you might be free from my meddling, I stumble back into chamber life. I am proud to announce my new affiliation with Convergent Nonprofit Solutions, a firm that has proven itself to be a formidable resource for chambers and development organizations.
While Convergent is known primarily for their funding feasibility study and capital campaign services, the firm has been steadily increasing the consulting side of its business. As a Partner, I will extend my passion for coaching organizations and professionals to deal with whatever comes next through a variety of services that “Speak. Plan. Advise. Examine.
Since clients and prospective clients for my would-be consultancy have already surfaced, why align with anybody? Why with Convergent?

I realize what I don’t know and can’t handle. Reality: one-person businesses are hard – organize, network, market, sell, prepare, deliver, track, report, invoice . . . repeat. Settling in with a well-resourced, proven team makes it possible for me to focus on what I love, advising those who ask for help. Convergent will make the other chores manageable, but the energized pros who lead the organization also share my “why.” They’re genuinely committed to helping communities and economies prosper. Oh, and they’re good people. You can learn about the team here.

Thanks for your continued support,
Mick Fleming, Partner
Convergent Nonprofit Solutions

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