Nonprofit Staffing Shortages: Don’t Let Funding Pay the Price

A visual representation of nonprofit staffing shortages

Staffing shortages have become prevalent across industries—and the nonprofit sector is no exception. So how can you fill the staffing gap in your organization? Your nonprofit’s mission is too important to let staffing shortages interrupt your fundraising success. Resource Development Services from Convergent Nonprofit Solutions can help you overcome these challenges to make your vision a reality. 

Chief Development Officers (CDOs) and resource development teams play a vital role in the success of nonprofits by creating, planning, and implementing fundraising strategies. All these elements are inherent to the fundraising work Convergent does for nonprofit organizations every day. In light of the staffing shortages nonprofits are facing, Convergent is working with many of our clients and partners in a new way with our Resource Development Services.

Alternatives to Hiring a Chief Development Officer for Your Nonprofit

Beyond simply helping your nonprofit achieve its fundraising goals, Convergent can now help develop your organization’s fundraising process at the leadership level. 

Our nonprofit Resource Development Services will help your organization grow as experienced nonprofit fundraising professionals develop and implement custom strategy plans. From a comprehensive development audit to solidifying foundational funding elements such as your case for support and annual and planned giving programs, our development services heighten your fundraising potential using Convergent’s Investment-Driven Model™. 

Why Choose to Outsource Resource Development? 

Convergent’s Resource Development Services offer a solution to several challenges in the nonprofit sector:

  • A Fraction of the Cost: The less money you spend on overhead, the more you have to fund your mission. Convergent’s Resource Development Services offer the benefits of a full-time nonprofit CDO at a fraction of the salary costs. 
  • Our Experienced Team on Your Side: When you partner with Convergent’s Resource Development Outsourcing Services, you get an experienced team of nonprofit fundraising experts on your side. Our leadership-level staff has an average of 22 years of experience. Every challenge your nonprofit faces will be matched with our dedicated staff’s depth, breadth, and diversity—working together to guide your organization with unparalleled support.
  • Avoid Staffing Shortages: Across industries, staffing has seen an unprecedented supply/demand shift since the beginning of the pandemic. Instead of spending countless internal hours seeking qualified resource development professionals, you can partner with Convergent—we are ready when you are. 
  • End-to-End Support: You can seamlessly transition from the strategic planning stage to fully implementing a capital campaign when you pair our Resource Development offerings with other Convergent services. 

Preparing for a Major Fundraising Effort

Successful capital campaigns rely on a foundation of Asking Rights™—credibility, fundraising skills, and the effective communication of your outcomes. We can tailor our resource development services to your nonprofit and its unique pre-campaign needs, such as:

  • Outcomes development
  • Board and staff training on fundraising skills and fostering a culture of philanthropy
  • Establishing credibility in your community through marketing outreach and communication of your organization’s outcomes
  • Donor/investor relations 
  • Communicating outcomes to encourage higher investments

With our Resource Development Services, Convergent can set you up for success in your capital campaign efforts. 

Development Outsourcing

If you need help filling the staffing gaps in your nonprofit organization, Convergent Nonprofit Solutions is here to help. For more than 100 years, Convergent has delivered industry-leading nonprofit consulting services—yielding billions of dollars in support for nonprofits. Our resource development services allow us to provide a new level of support for organizations. We invite you to contact our nonprofit consulting firm to get started today!

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