Introducing The 5-Minute Fundraiser

The Five-Minute Fundraiser by Tom Ralser book cover

Here at Convergent Nonprofit Solutions, we’re excited to announce the release of The 5-Minute Fundraiser, the latest book by Convergent Principal Tom Ralser. Tom has helped nonprofits globally find funding through his investment-driven model of fundraising. He has extended the accessibility of ROI-based, outcome-driven language to the nonprofit sector through the lens of his Asking Rights™ methodology. 

Asking Rights is a term that encompasses the three crucial ingredients that organizations must have in order to communicate effectively to investors and receive substantial, ongoing investments in their nonprofit. These insights have changed the way organizations see fundraising over the past decade, and they are proven to help drive success. Tom has provided a new perspective of the Asking Rights core principles in The 5-Minute Fundraiser. Here is how this book can help guide your nonprofit towards fundraising success.

Focusing on What is Important

The Five Minute Fundraiser is a 90-minute read that provides an aerial perspective of the larger concepts presented in Tom’s previous books. The narrative in this text teaches these fundraising basics through an engaging third-person story about Marley—a passionate, hard-working individual determined to make a difference in the world. Her ambition and the challenges she meets when diving into a nonprofit, its fundraising history, and its desire for growth are sure to strike a chord with nonprofit leaders. Marley quickly discovers that there truly is a “secret” to the success of the nonprofit she is researching.

Asking Rights

To successfully raise money from investors for long-term sustainability, organizations must have Asking Rights. Credibility, outcomes, and fundraising skills—the keys to Asking Rights—are concepts often easily embraced by executives in the nonprofits we work with as clients. Communicating them to the organization’s entire network is much more difficult. Using a story format, the book synthesizes these core principles, making them easier to understand and faster to process. This book opens the door to a broader audience of prospective fundraisers while helping nonprofits communicate the new reality of fundraising to busy board members and top executives. 

The Key Takeaways

There are a few key takeaways that you will find in The 5-Minute Fundraiser. The text approaches fundraising from the combined perspective of a professional fundraiser and a financial analyst. As such, it gives you a head start on understanding and utilizing ROI-based fundraising concepts, including:

  • The importance of outcomes
  • Communicating your outcomes to different audiences
  • Understanding and developing your Asking Rights™

These concepts are adaptable throughout various fundraising scenarios, and they can be used to support your organization in even the most unpredictable of times. 

Available Now: The 5-Minute Fundraiser

The 5-Minute Fundraiser is now available alongside Tom Ralser’s other booksROI for Nonprofits: The New Key to Sustainability and Asking Rights: Why Some Nonprofits Get Funded (and some don’t). You can listen to an interview with Tom Ralser himself about this new book on The Difference: Nonprofit Fundraising in a For-Profit World, and buy The 5-Minute Fundraiser online today!

For support enacting these key principles within your nonprofit, contact Tom and the rest of the team at Convergent Nonprofit Solutions.

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