3 Stages of Building Your Fundraising Asking Rights

Paper dolls holding hands over a stack of nonprofit fundraising contributions

What gives your nonprofit the right to ask a foundation, bank, business, or individual for money? This is the question that inspired Tom Ralser’s book series on Asking Rights™. Ralser looked at fundraising efforts and results from hundreds of nonprofit campaigns and what the common ingredients were for success. Those who had Asking Rights had […]

Where is Your Nonprofit on the Diversity Continuum?

Picture of a person of color working for a nonprofit

I was recently joined on our podcast (The Difference: Nonprofit Fundraising in a For-Profit World) by Antoinetta Mosley, the founder and CEO of I Follow the Leader. I Follow the Leader is a leadership consulting firm that specializes in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Antoinetta is a certified diversity professional who holds a Master’s in nonprofit […]

5 Tips for Your Nonprofit to Start the Year Strong

As we finally leap into 2021, this new year presents fresh opportunities for nonprofits. So how do you get started making this the best year yet for your organization? Here are 5 tips from our nonprofit fundraising experts at Convergent Nonprofit Solutions.  Focus on Long-Term Financial Support Relying on small, one-time donations often leave nonprofits […]

Introducing The 5-Minute Fundraiser

The Five-Minute Fundraiser by Tom Ralser book cover

Here at Convergent Nonprofit Solutions, we’re excited to announce the release of The 5-Minute Fundraiser, the latest book by Convergent Principal Tom Ralser. Tom has helped nonprofits globally find funding through his investment-driven model of fundraising. He has extended the accessibility of ROI-based, outcome-driven language to the nonprofit sector through the lens of his Asking […]

5 Insights to Increase Annual Funding for Your Nonprofit

stacks of money growing as plants

As we are drawn closer to these seasons of giving, organizations are beginning to think critically about their annual campaign efforts. Our nonprofit consulting specialists at Convergent have some insights to share that can help you increase funding and improve your annual fundraising efforts.  Looking Beyond Giving Tuesday During this time of year, many nonprofit […]

A Feasibility Study: The First Step to Fundraising in Uncertain Times

Economic Development Feasibility Study First Step

I recently spoke on our podcast with four members of our Convergent team about their experiences during the Great Recession of 2008-2010. Senior Project Director Doug Croft was running the Thomasville Chamber in North Carolina and Senior Project Director Dennis Hinkle led the Greater Burlington Partnership in Iowa at that time. Both were involved in capital campaigns for their […]