The Core of our Business as Capital Campaign Consultants

We take our core values seriously at Convergent. They guide our entire approach to capital campaign fundraising. Loving what we do and putting people first ensure that we listen closely to the needs of our clients. This enables us to be both strategic and creative in our recommendations for helping the nonprofits we serve reach (and exceed) their funding goals. Telling a prospective client or employee about our core values is one thing. But truly showing them how these characteristics manifest in our everyday life is another. That’s why we create campaign case studies.

The stories of feasibility studies and capital campaigns we have conducted don’t just show fundraising success. They provide a window into our way of working and the importance we place on having an ethical, solutions-oriented mindset through every step of our process. Here are three specific stories of challenging situations we helped our clients overcome:

  1. Traditional Capital Campaign Strategies No Longer Effective: This south Texas hospice facility had a Board of Directors who were mainly volunteers without a lot of money of their own to contribute. See how they worked with the Convergent Team to:
  • Break ground on a new facility in 12 months
  • Meet and surpass their fundraising goal without impacting any other community fundraising initiative and events already planned
  • Increase the positive awareness and impact of the mission within the community

  1. A Board Reluctant to Ask for Funding: This charter school in North Carolina took advantage of our ability to manage their campaign full time to:
  • Creatively use students to engage with the community
  • Encourage a sense of ownership of the development of the school, helping raise over $100,000 within two days
  • Increase base support for the school within the community
  • Begin renovations ahead of schedule

  1. Launching a First Capital Campaign: This nonprofit had never run a capital campaign before. Leadership recognized a major focus on fundraising was necessary to promote economic development in the region. Read how Convergent’s unique, effective project management style of living and investing in the community in which we work made a difference in:
  • Securing financial commitments that reach 135% more than original goal
  • Securing the desired tract of land
  • Implementing a “High Demand Scholarship Program” to encourage individuals to stay local


These are only three examples of capital campaign case studies you will find on our website. So, whether you’re starting your first big campaign, moving forward after a disappointing feasibility study, or struggling to make the “ask” for major investments in your organization, our case studies are worth a look for valuable advice and inspiration. Enjoy!

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