Launching A Successful First Capital Campaign

Can a rural community Economic Development Organization (EDO), which has never run a capital campaign in the past, launch a major fundraising initiative? How do you generate full buy-in from a business community that has never been presented with an “ask” of this nature? These are just a few of the concerns Convergent helped Phelps County Development Corporation (PCDC), rural EDO in Nebraska, address on the way to its first successful capital campaign.

When Traditional Campaign Strategies Aren’t Effective

How do you decide who to hire to manage your capital campaign? Do you need a “full-service” firm or is an “of-counsel” consultant sufficient? Is it worth the risk to spend the money needed to hire an outside fundraising firm; will they raise enough money to justify the expense? These were just a few of the concerns facing a hospice in rural Texas as they decided to embark on their first capital campaign…

Decreasing Dependency on Events for Funding

How does an Economic Development Organization (EDO) that has depended primarily on an annual fundraising event for years make the leap to launching a multi-year capital campaign?

Overcoming Your Board’s Reluctance to Ask for Funding

Overcoming Your Board’s Reluctance to Ask for Funding: A Charter School Case Study

SUCCESSSTORY: Roxboro Community School “>”>Overcoming Your Board’s Reluctance to Ask for Funding Most public schools can rely on government funding to assist in bricks and mortar funding needs, but what if you are a public charter school and ineligible for such funding? How do you raise awareness and support for your school amongst the local […]

Building Your Organization For Its Future Growth

This YMCA had leased buildings from the city and moved from place to place over its entire 125-year existence. How do you find the funding for the permanent home you need in order to provide a vibrant, central hub for youth development, social responsibility and healthy…