Fundraising During A Pandemic

The Chamber was looking to fund the delivery of their 2020-2024 strategic initiatives designed to accelerate regional economic growth when the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt. How do you continue fundraising when your community is in various stages of recovery?

Generating Support in Your Community

Humane Society fundraising

Fundraising is a skill and a full-time job. When your community has been approached numerous times for donations and volunteering over the years, how do you get investors excited about supporting your project?

Building Your Organization For Its Future Growth

This YMCA had leased buildings from the city and moved from place to place over its entire 125-year existence. How do you find the funding for the permanent home you need in order to provide a vibrant, central hub for youth development, social responsibility and healthy…

Overcoming Your Board’s Reluctance to Ask for Funding

Overcoming Your Board’s Reluctance to Ask for Funding: A Charter School Case Study

Most public schools can rely on government funding to assist in bricks and mortar funding needs, but what if you are a public charter school and ineligible for such funding? How do you raise awareness and support for your school amongst the local community, including those who do not and will not have children attending […]