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Emerge Ready: Fundraising During and After COVID-19

As nonprofits begin to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, many priorities and concerns are shifting. We sent a brief questionnaire to our database of thousands of nonprofits. The response was telling, and a clear picture of the challenges ahead surfaced from the organizations surveyed. Click below to hear survey results from hundreds of organizations like yours and get advice on next steps to position your nonprofit for funding success. 

Is Your Organization Poised To Emerge Ready?

We’re currently helping nonprofit organizations all over the country establish credibility, demonstrate value, communicate outcomes, and, most importantly, achieve fundraising results. If your organization is interested in taking the next step, we are offering three Emerge Ready focused workshops customized for your needs:

Outcomes: Your Secret Fundraising Weapon
Make Your Board a Funding Powerhouse
Alternative Strategies for Survival


Please contact us for details on these workshops.

Tom Ralser

Tom Ralser

Director of the Asking Rights Division
Convergent Nonprofit Solutions