Fundraising During Challenging Times

When the economy struggles and unemployment rates climb, economic development is more important than ever. EDOs are the ideal organizations to lead their local economies out of recession, but that can be challenging when county and municipal financial support remains static or even drops. Increased funding for economic development is more important than ever right now, but how is that possible amid fiscal and financial constraints?

Convergent’s own Rick Kiernan was proud to moderate the panel in this important webinar from the North Carolina Economic Development Association that includes advice from fundraising experts and ED professionals who successfully raised money during and after challenging times, including The Great Recession of 2008-2010. Rick is joined by three executives who have been “in the trenches” — strategizing, crafting messages, raising dollars, and acting as catalysts on the road to economic recovery in their communities.

Rick Kiernan


Rick Kiernan, IOM

Convergent Nonprofit Solutions

Mac Williams

Alamance Chamber of Commerce

Steve Yost

North Carolina’s Southeast

Joanna Helms

Former President
Wayne County Development Alliance
(Current Director of Apex Economic Development)