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Growing environmental concerns and animal service awareness have heightened the resources available to nonprofits in this sector. There is a wide range of government and private funds set aside for organizations like yours. However, this sea of investors has also created a high level of competition for funding. So how do you secure funds for your nonprofit? This is where Convergent Nonprofit Solutions comes in. We can provide the resources, guidance, approach, and support your nonprofit needs to access sustainable funds.


Case Studies

Here is a closer look at some of the Environmental and Animal Services nonprofit organizations Convergent has supported to fundraising success. You can also review the full extent of our case studies here.

Generating Support in Your Community

Fundraising is a skill and a full-time job. When your community has been approached numerous times for donations and volunteering over the years, how do you get investors excited about supporting your project?

A Few of Our Environmental and Animal Services Nonprofit Clients

Tell Us About Your Organization

Our nonprofit consulting firm has the extensive knowledge and resources necessary to get your project the funding it needs. Tell our nonprofit consultants more about you, your Environmental or Animal Services organization, and your mission. We will reach out with more information about how our capital campaign consultants can help you achieve your fundraising goals.