TCC’s Annual Conference is “the only conference in the Carolinas designed specifically for all hospice and palliative care professionals with the training and mentoring you need to keep your programs operating at the highest level.” One of the elements necessary to operate successfully is funding, which is why we are excited to have Principal Tom Ralser presenting the session “Marketing Your Outcomes to Increase Funding” on Wednesday, August 31st at 9am. During this session, attendees will “learn how to identify and communicate the outcomes funders care most about to ensure sustainable funding.”

Afterwards, we hope that you’ll swing by our booth to meet with Principal Andy Coe and discuss how Convergent’s experience and approach can help your organization reach its funding goals. We’ll also be holding a raffle for a chance to win a free copy of the book Asking Righs: Why Some Nonprofits Get Funded (and some don’t). The book will also be available in the conference bookstore on a limited basis.