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Fundraising Support for Health Service Nonprofits

The diverse and evolving nature of the health service industry can make it difficult to financially support your nonprofit organization. With proper funding, your hospice or health services nonprofit can save lives, improve the quality of patient treatment, and offer care to those who would otherwise be left without. For hospice and healthcare nonprofit organizations, falling short on funding may not feel like a viable option. Thankfully, Convergent Nonprofit Solutions offers a more secure way to financially support your organization.



Case Studies

Here is a closer look at some of the Health Services nonprofit organizations Convergent has supported to fundraising success. You can also access the full extent of our case studies here.

When Traditional Campaign Strategies Aren’t Effective

How do you decide who to hire to manage your capital campaign? Do you need a “full-service” firm or is an “of-counsel” consultant sufficient? Is it worth the risk to spend the money needed to hire an outside fundraising firm; will they raise enough money to justify the expense? These were just a few of the concerns facing a hospice in rural Texas as they decided to embark on their first capital campaign…

A Few of our Health Services Nonprofit Clients

Tell Us About Your Health Services Nonprofit

Is it time to secure the funds your nonprofit needs so that you can focus your attention on your mission? Convergent has extensive experience helping hospice and healthcare nonprofits like yours achieve their fundraising goals. Contact the experts at Convergent Nonprofit Solutions with details about your health services nonprofit. Our nonprofit consulting firm will be in touch with more information on how we can help your organization reach new heights.