5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Nonprofit Resource Development Services

Representation of Resource Development Services filling a staffing gap

Nonprofit resource development requires significant investments of time and energy from a nonprofit’s staff. As a result, even organizations with large teams may find it challenging to assess and restructure their fundraising infrastructure to maximize their ability to capitalize on existing opportunities and keep pace with changing funder dynamics. 

The capital campaign consultants at Convergent Nonprofit Solutions provide nonprofit support services that range from initial feasibility studies to full campaign planning, management, and execution. For organizations that need more comprehensive support, we provide nonprofit resource development services. There are consistent benefits associated with hiring a resource development service, some of which we’ll explore below. 

What Is Nonprofit Resource Development?

Before we dive in, it is helpful to understand resource development services better. So, what is nonprofit resource development? As the name suggests, this fundraising consulting service focuses on developing your nonprofit’s vital resources—including staffing, community connection, credibility, leadership, and (perhaps most prominently) fundraising resources. Such services are often an accessible and affordable alternative to highering a nonprofit development officer.

Experienced nonprofit executives, boards, and new staff members will benefit equally from nonprofit resource development services. These five benefits are shared across the board, regardless of organization or fundraising goal size. 

#1 Resource Development Experts Provide An Outside Perspective

Convergent will review your development practices and current fundraising processes to provide objective guidance on areas of improvement and opportunities to grow revenue. Based on this assessment, a Convergent project director will work with your team to lay out a strategy to address the most critical areas for your nonprofit to address to maximize fundraising success.  

Unlike hiring a resource development officer, you will get an entire team of experienced professionals supporting your nonprofit. 

#2 Dedicated and Professional Problem Solving

Nonprofit leaders rarely have the time or experience to create a successful resource development strategy. Even the best of intentions can’t free up extra hours in the day or make time to restructure an annual campaign. A simple lack of time can be one of the most significant obstacles to success in fundraising. Thankfully, it’s an obstacle a resource development service provider doesn’t have. 

#3 Expertise In Nonprofit Resource Development & Speaking The Investor’s Language

Donors (or, as we refer to them, investors) want to know that the nonprofit they invest in has the capacity and expertise to make the best use of their investment. It can be challenging to make the case in a way that will resonate with a potential investor. Each nonprofit expert at Convergent has trained on how to effectively communicate your organization’s value proposition to help turn small donations into long-term investments. 

#4 Nonprofit Support Services Based On Proven Strategies

As a nonprofit leader, it is all too easy to get into a routine in fundraising practices. Unfortunately, unless you’ve spent years raising money in different communities, there’s a good chance that there are fundraising strategies and best practices you are unaware of. Hiring a resource development service means gaining access to that insider knowledge. During the resource development process, a seasoned professional will apply the latest best practices to benefit your organization. For example, a resource development expert may identify bad habits that need to stop so that good ones can succeed. In other cases, they may recommend an entirely new campaign strategy or funding avenue to help earn reliable, recurring funding. 

#5 Nonprofit Resource Development Services Are Low-Risk And High-Yield

The numbers speak for themselves. Nonprofits that engage Convergent tend to raise more money while freeing up internal staff to provide services to the community. That’s a win-win for organizations that are already stretched thin but need fundraising success to pay for operations or expansion activities. 

Perhaps best of all, resource development services cost less than hiring a full-time development officer—saving your nonprofit overhead. You also save the time and hassle of finding and hiring a chief development officer. Collectively, these services offer a more affordable and effective alternative to hiring a CDO. 

Outsource Your Nonprofit Resource Development Services to Convergent Nonprofit Solutions 

Convergent Nonprofit Solutions offers a comprehensive array of services for organizations—including resource development and capital campaign consulting. Collectively, our support can help ensure your nonprofit has the resources it needs to serve its mission. We invite you to contact our experts for more information or to get started today!

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