Leadership Gaps and Their Impact

Nonprofit Leadership Gaps

Leadership drives everything in an organization …. strategy, talent, execution, customers, stakeholders, funding, and systems. Before you can tackle anything else within your nonprofit, you want to ensure you have the right leadership team in place. To run a successful organization you need a strong, healthy, and well-aligned leadership team. The Strength of Having the […]

Communication and Dialogue are Keys to Long-Term Nonprofit Success

I have spent the majority of my career working with or for nonprofit organizations. One of the many lessons I’ve learned over the years is that just because I know what is going on doesn’t mean everyone else does. As the leader of an organization, it’s your job to know. But when it comes to […]

Is Your Board of Directors Unhealthy When it Comes to Fundraising?

Board of Directors health

Having spent much of my career as a CEO reporting to boards, there have been times when I became frustrated with a board that was not living up to its fiduciary role of raising money (at a leadership level) to fund the mission. I’m sure that many CEOs and VPs of Financial Development have had […]

5 Tips for Your Nonprofit to Start the Year Strong

As we finally leap into 2021, this new year presents fresh opportunities for nonprofits. So how do you get started making this the best year yet for your organization? Here are 5 tips from our nonprofit fundraising experts at Convergent Nonprofit Solutions.  Focus on Long-Term Financial Support Relying on small, one-time donations often leave nonprofits […]

Studies Show Now is the Time for Capital Campaign Fundraising Efforts

The Time is Now for Fundraising

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be felt long after masks are cast aside, and life is led less than six feet apart. However, recent feasibility studies conducted by Convergent Nonprofit Solutions suggest that many local economies are faring reasonably well, and fundraising efforts are still viable. In fact, the outlook is positive […]

A Message for the New Year 2021

Never would I have imagined that in my message for the New Year from Convergent Nonprofit Solutions, I would have to start by condemning yesterday’s violent attack on our nation’s Capitol, elected officials, and Constitutional procedures. And yet, here I am doing so in the strongest possible terms. Shocked by what took place, I believe […]