Five Tips for Filling EDO Staffing Gaps

While the advantages of Artificial Intelligence are trendy topics, one consistent truth continues to apply to capital fundraising: relationships matter. And people make all the difference in developing and maintaining long-term, productive relationships. Finding and keeping quality personnel for key positions within an economic development organization (EDO) is as important as ever.  In the face […]

Raise Money to Expand Housing Now: Here’s How Communities Are Doing It

Housing development is critical for economic growth

Economic development and chamber professionals throughout the country are telling us how desperately their communities need to see growth in housing inventory. Much of this pressure is coming from the business community. Without sufficient housing, they can’t hire workers and even people who want to stay after graduating can’t. If your community is in this […]

The Downside of the 90/10 Rule in Fundraising

If you’re afraid to look at your 401(k) balances lately, join the club.  The stock market has been in a rut (officially called a trading range) for many months now, and your balance is likely to be significantly lower than it was two short years ago.  Rising interest rates have been blamed for everything from […]

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Nonprofit Resource Development Services

Representation of Resource Development Services filling a staffing gap

Nonprofit resource development requires significant investments of time and energy from a nonprofit’s staff. As a result, even organizations with large teams may find it challenging to assess and restructure their fundraising infrastructure to maximize their ability to capitalize on existing opportunities and keep pace with changing funder dynamics.  The capital campaign consultants at Convergent […]

The Role of Education in Talent Attraction

Picture of a large, empty university classroom

“Education is now the #1 economic priority,” according to Don Gilman, CEO of Ignite College and Career Academy in Georgia. In the past, most economic development organizations focused their efforts on creating jobs and capital investment. Today, the pandemic’s “Great Resignation” coupled with the high level of Baby Boomers retiring has businesses struggling to fill […]

Funding DEI Initiatives in Your Community

Picture representing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative

As diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts take more of a front seat in economic development strategy and growth, we’re seeing communities benefit from these efforts and funders start to expect them when reviewing future plans. We have managed capital campaigns for EDOs and Chambers of different size and scope that have taken very different […]