Turning Data into Dollars

A data-driven approach to major gift fundraising and capital campaigns can help you set the bar high, but at an appropriate level, and assure that your funding effort will have the best possible chance for success. I’ll share two examples I’ve recently encountered: Organization A received an abnormally large investment from a first-time donor via […]

Moving Beyond Membership: Funding Your Chamber of Commerce’s Future

This article was originally published in the ACCE’s Chamber Executive magazine. One of the most pressing demands on chamber professionals is ensuring they have the funding needed to support their organization’s efforts and plan for the future. We recently welcomed Casey Steinbacher as a guest on our podcast. A former CEO of three chambers and an expert […]

Navigating Public-Private Partnerships

Navigating Public-Private

The HBO series The Gilded Age is an interesting study contrasting old New York City with the new money arrivals in the late 1880s. Wealth abounds, there are philanthropic causes to support, yet envy and social standing prohibit the combination of these wealth sources for the common good. Like this dynamic, one of the challenges around economic […]

A Fundraising Lesson from Wall Street

Fundraising and Wall Street

I received a brochure in the mail recently about a company offering alternative investments. I get a lot of these, probably because my Chartered Financial Analyst designation puts me on the mailing list of many investment houses, hedge funds, asset managers, etc. This one caught my eye because of its direct approach: “What’s the path […]

5 Questions to Help Craft a Strong Case for Support

Case for Support Compass

A nonprofit organization’s Case for Support, or Case for Investment as we call it, is the compass that guides your development efforts. A good Case for Support is logical and provides rational reasons for a donor to invest in your nonprofit. A great Case for Support creates passion, tells your story, and clarifies what you’re […]

5 Insights to Increase Annual Funding for Your Nonprofit

stacks of money growing as plants

As we are drawn closer to these seasons of giving, organizations are beginning to think critically about their annual campaign efforts. Our nonprofit consulting specialists at Convergent have some insights to share that can help you increase funding and improve your annual fundraising efforts.  Looking Beyond Giving Tuesday During this time of year, many nonprofit […]