Mick Fleming Shares, “Not done yet.”

Just when you thought you might be free from my meddling, I stumble back into

Top Tips for Email Marketing During a Capital Campaign

If we are being honest, on most days our inboxes are buried under a barrage

Two Coasts – Two Conferences – One Message

Change: A Trending Theme of Nonprofit Conferences According to noted Psychiatrist, RD Laing, “…change is

Best Practices for Funding Economic Development

Watch the video below to learn the key steps included in the investment campaign model.

Veteran Homelessness: Fundraising FAQs

Earlier this year, thousands of nonprofit professionals gathered in Washington, D.C. to attend the National

Did You #AmplifyACCE This Year?

This year’s Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives’ (ACCE) Annual Conference was, quite possibly, the

Collaboration Over Competition: Escaping the Nonprofit Hunger Games

Do you feel like you are living through the Nonprofit Hunger Games? Do you feel

Fundraising FAQs from Florida Economic Developers

I very much enjoyed yet another Florida Economic Development Council (FEDC) conference this year, and

Top 5 Emerging Community College Trends

This year marked the 97th anniversary of the American Association of Community College’s Annual Convention. I’ve been fortunate to attend this event every year for the last ten years. I’ve even had the honor of presenting several times. This year’s convention theme, “Community Colleges: America’s North Star,” was a particularly interesting one to me.

Think Big, Be Bold – Insights from MAKO Chamber Conference 2017

Every year Mark attends the MAKO Chamber Conference. This annual meeting of chamber professionals from Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma has grown drastically since its inception, and this year had the largest attendance yet. After each conference, Mark usually shares a few of the “Frequently Asked Questions” he heard about chamber fundraising and our services during the conference, but this year, we thought we’d change things up a bit.

Community Colleges Leading the Entrepreneurial Way

“Nimble, inclusive, and entrepreneurial.” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos used these three terms to highlight the

Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Move to the Next Level? A Capital Campaign May Be the Answer!

Convergent Note: The following is a brief excerpt from an article written by Principal Mark