Workforce Development – Facing a Shortage of Skilled Labor

Workforce Development

As our fundraising efforts for economic development organizations and community colleges increasingly take shape around a strategic plan with workforce development at its core, we find ourselves taking part in this important, ongoing conversation. Sean Stockard, a Convergent fundraising professional, recently shared his insight on the issue with the International Economic Development Council’s ED Journal. […]

5 Classic Fundraising Misconceptions

Fundraising Campaign Reality Check

5 Fundraising Misconceptions and How to Address Them Adapted from ROI for Nonprofits: The New Key to Sustainability The original title of this section was “Five Classic Fundraising Campaign Myths,” but that implied that these misconceptions had a strong probability of being false. The fact is, they are not false, just no longer appropriate when ROI […]

ROI and Grant Proposals

ROI and grant proposals

ROI and Grant Proposals Tips for Nonprofits Grant proposals typically involve some type of ROI proof, but I often find that nonprofit executives struggle with this step in the grant-writing process. Determining ROI does not always come naturally, though the term itself is overused. Everyone from hotel chains to health insurance is proving ROI these […]

10 Tips for Event Planning for Nonprofits on a Budget

event planning tips

We have helped numerous nonprofits decrease their dependency on events as a main fundraising source.  But of course, we understand the need for special events. In fact, a well-planned event can serve a significant branding purpose for a nonprofit. It can help to market your organization, motivate volunteers, and provide networking opportunities for your leadership, […]

The Right Stuff: Lessons in Fundraising for 2019

The Right Stuff Fundraising Lessons

Lessons in Fundraising for Nonprofits for 2019 A few weeks ago, during the  50th anniversary of the moon landing, my husband and I watched “The Right Stuff.” The 1983 movie based on Tom Wolfe’s novel of the same name tells the story of the U.S. space program before the moon landing. Who knew a movie […]

Gen Z: The Next Generation of Nonprofit Donors & Volunteers

Gen Z next generation donors

Is Gen Z the Next Generation of Nonprofit Donors and Volunteers? Generation Z, the demographic profile of young people born between the late-1990s and early-2000s, is becoming a key contributor group in the nonprofit world. With high levels of engagement and extra money to spend, their nonprofit giving habits reflect their position as the next generation of donors. They’re quickly […]