Mick Fleming

Mick Fleming

Mick Fleming Principal In September 2017, I left my position at the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives after more than 16 years in the corner office. In the months that followed, as I talked with the Convergent team about their passion for helping regions, states, and cities realize their aspirations, my long-standing belief in the power of communities […]

Joe April, Convergent Senior Project Director

Joe April

Joe April Senior Project Director I was not a great student in high school, so when I went to college, I didn’t take school seriously and eventually flunked out. I found myself in the office of a transfer counselor at St. Petersburg Junior College in Florida—and she changed my life. She helped me get tutoring, […]

Jim Hizer, CEcD, CCE

Jim Hizer of Convergent Nonprofit Solutions

Jim Hizer, CEcD, CCE Senior Project Director This work is all about making a difference. When our clients have the right strategic plan and the financial resources they need to execute that plan, they are often impacting thousands of lives in meaningful ways. When I am engaged with a client, I recognize that the harder […]

Tamera Toogood, CFRE, Senior Project Director

Tamera Toogood nonprofit expert

Tamera Toogood, CFRE Senior Project Director After nearly 20 years in the banking industry with a healthy habit of volunteering and serving on various nonprofit boards, I chose to go into fundraising for the nonprofit sector. I joined a large research university in the Southeast with a powerful motivation to raise funding to cure cancer […]