ROI & Grant Proposals

ROI is a key component in almost every grant proposal. Session attendees will learn how to sculpt credible ROI that is tailored to their primary target in order to secure funding.

Demonstrating your ROI is more important than ever in the current economy. More and more often we find that organizations are requiring nonprofits to prove their effectiveness by incorporating ROI in to their grant proposals. That begs the question, “What does ROI mean in the nonprofit world?” Tom Ralser, author of the book ROI for Nonprofits: The New Key to Sustainability, pioneered the concept of applying return on investment (ROI) principles to nonprofit fundraising. He has been using these proven methods to increase funding for clients in every field of the nonprofit sector for years.

By understanding the true meaning of ROI from a funders prospective, you will finally be able to make ROI an integral part of your grant proposals; one that justifies funding.


  • Defining what ROI really is
  • Moving forward from outcomes
  • Making your ROI credible
  • Knowing the limits of ROI
  • Tailoring ROI to your targets


Grant professionals attending this presentation will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how to make ROI an integral part of an effective grant proposal.