5 Things You Need to Know About Professional Fundraising Services

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Now as much as ever, nonprofit organizations are fighting to get the funding they need to continue serving their communities. While you may be used to navigating the world of fundraising on your own, now may be an ideal time to consider professional support. Here is a look at 5 things you should know about professional fundraising services

They Can Help You Build Your Fundraising Foundation

Beyond just providing fundraising support for a specific capital campaign, partnering with a nonprofit consulting firm can strengthen your efforts long-term. Working with an expert builds up your fundraising platform at its foundation. Their resource development services can build a strong fundraising platform that strengthens all areas of your organization. Everything from your case for support to the language your staff and volunteers use to your Board’s level of engagement with fundraising can be refined and improved by working with nonprofit fundraising services. 

When Senior Project Director Len Romano first met with a YMCA organization in the Southeast, he thought he was starting a feasibility study for a capital campaign. Little did he know, he would also be offering their new CEO advice on board engagement, as well as organizational positioning, and educating major investors on all that the Y provides to improve quality of life (including childcare, youth sports, and even a teen center). By helping the Y strengthen its foundation, Len helped the feasibility study run smoothly and laid the groundwork for a successful fundraising campaign.

Professional Fundraising Services Bring Comprehensive Expertise

Much like you know the ins and outs of your nonprofit sector, professional fundraisers know everything there is to know about nonprofit outreach. This gives you a chance to gain specialist insight and support that can help you reach your fundraising goals and improve the level of investment in your organization. Unlike more generalized resources, this insight is one-on-one and tailored to your organization’s needs.

Senior Project Director Doug Croft has led several successful fundraising campaigns for economic development organizations and chambers of commerce. Doug’s background includes 30 years of nonprofit management experience, starting early in his career with the Boy Scouts of America, and eventually leading three chambers of commerce in North Carolina and Texas. In addition, Doug has led 11 successful local voter referendums for economic development, schools, and transportation. He has also negotiated several tax policies affecting local businesses and consulted with nonprofits on the subjects of board development, strategic planning, team-building, and grassroots engagement. This wide breadth of expertise is just an example of what helps expert fundraising consultants like Doug go above and beyond to ensure that clients reach their funding goals.

They May Help You Better Understand Your Nonprofit Context

You might think that you know everything there is to know about your organization, but a fundraising professional can help you understand the larger context you are working within. An expert will discuss your fundraising goals, as well as your mission and long-term strategic plan. But most importantly, they will ensure that your outcomes are aligned with the goals, mission, and plan. Not only are they working to help you get to the finish line, but professional fundraising services also help you understand your starting point. Are you ready to ask for large investments? Are there areas of your fundraising approach that need improvement? You can take the uncertainty out of nonprofit management when you partner with a fundraising expert. 

Professional Fundraising Services Take the Guesswork Out of Success

One challenging element of fundraising is the frequent anxiety of “Can I successfully reach my fundraising goals?” A professional fundraising service can help you complete a feasibility study to overcome this uncertainty. Feasibility studies are designed to give you a better idea of how your capital campaign will perform. If you are satisfied with the results of your feasibility study, you can follow through with your capital campaign with confidence and peace of mind. If your feasibility study projects that your fundraising efforts will fall short of your expectations, this gives you a chance to revise your goals. 

On a recent feasibility study conducted by Project Director Pam Reid for a local hospice organization, 57 community leaders and business owners shared their opinions and candid feedback regarding the organization’s leadership and five-year plan. The results of this effort were invaluable in setting an achievable fundraising goal but also in outlining insights from these investors and potential investors as the plan is refined and leadership is strengthened. The end result will be a capital campaign the organization can be confident will reach its goal.

Fundraising Experts Will Help You Improve Donor Relations

After your capital campaign has successfully finished (or at least come through the quiet phase), a professional fundraising expert can advise you on how to retain your investors. Donor and investor relations are essential to maintaining reliable funds for your organization. If you are working to end the cycle of insufficient resources, this step is key.

Convergent Nonprofit Solutions Professional Fundraising Services

If you are seeking professional fundraising or resource development support, the experts at Convergent Nonprofit Solutions have you covered. Our experts can help support you in your fundraising goals. Contact us with more information about your organization today to get started! Wondering where your organization is on the path to financial sustainability? Take our free Fundraising Reality Check Quiz to find out if you are on your way to fundraising success!

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